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Tips for Working Remotely During the Holidays

Over the past week, you have probably stopped, taken a deep breath, and shockingly realized that 2018 is almost a month and a half away. Not only is the new year on the horizon, but the holidays are also in full swing. For you, this likely means family dinners and visits, traveling, and holiday shopping. […]

Understanding Remote Work’s Most Pressing Challenges: Key Findings from RemotePanda’s Global Trends Related to Remote Work SurveyThe remote work community is a dynamic one. Because of our strong relationship with technology, most of our information and communities surrounding location-independent work is cultivated online. Our necessity to work online makes it more likely for us to hear about the remote work experiences of others. This scenario for the typical remote worker is […]

First Day of Fall: Three Things You Should Do as a Remote Worker

Can you believe it? It is the first day of fall, and we are approaching the final days of 2018. Wow! I don’t know about you, but I can remember bidding farewell to 2017. Now, we are getting ready for pumpkin spice lattes, sweater weather (for some of us anyway, looking at you Floridians), and […]

10 Quick Tips for Working At Home While Around Family

I wish I had a quarter for every time I heard a remote worker discuss their difficulties working at home while around family. It is easy to understand that remote work is an adjustment for everyone. Whether it be kids, a spouse, or even parents, everyone needs to know how to navigate your work at[…]

Three Ways to Get Healthy While Working Remotely

Life in the office was rough, wasn’t it? Sitting all day, grab-and-go unhealthy breakfasts, and a lack of time for exercising and cooking was the norm. Now, this may not have been the story for everyone who worked in an office. However, according to this article, 86 percent of American workers sit all day, and […]
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Remote Work Jobs 101: How to Enjoy Job Task Flexibility While Working Remotely

You did it! You pulled it off! You landed a remote work gig. Go you! This is excellent news, but be sure not to get so excited that you forget about one significant thing: your role within the company. We hear a lot of talk about salary negotiations (which are incredibly important and…)

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